Uneven Love


It’s easy to say difficult to follow
To face ourselves is hard to swallow
Pain which surges again and again
Find it truly hard to contain
Say to myself that it was wrong somehow
To break the friendship with one big blow
Had hundreds of reasons not to come back to you
But just one to prove that I should really do
That…I can’t help falling in love with you
Can’t change my mind whatever may come through
Will never find anyone more beautiful than you
Still haven’t found anyone even closer to you
Hence I dreamed of painting the portrait of you
Nowadays hoping that a day will come true
When I shall paint the beauty within you
Lets hope what they say is always true
That love always finds its own way through

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Gracefully written with the touch of melancholy. Keep up the writing!

                                                             – Revthee    5/12/06

Just came across this poem once again and couldn’t help commenting on it once again. Beautiful….. very very beautiful indeed.                                                                                                                                    –  Revthee  10/27/06

The person you dedicated this poem to should feel proud. A well thought out poem.

–  Yvonne Branch  10/8/08

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