Will I Ever Paint…


Every word you ink and every phrase you say
Every pause by you simmers my soul all the way
If I can ever paint these words for you
They will show the beauty within you
Softness of your soul is in the things you say
Purity of your heart is in the way you say
You reach even closer with every word you say
But the question that arises again and again
Why are you still so far away?
You put scars on my heart without any glance
Remember this World believes in balancing art
If you think you’ve been right, then think over again
Someone out there is getting hurt again and again
If you promise to pen those words as you always do
I swear I will paint this world for you
The more you say even more I can paint
Let’s hold the paintbrush of this life together
So we can both paint this world together
I tried to paint the picture of you
I stopped when I saw those hazy eyes of you
Why are they hazy when they should be bright?
I loose myself in those depths of silence …
Wish I could always make you feel better
Wish I could paint you the way I always remember
Calm as the silent sea, fresh as autumn breeze
Will I ever paint the picture of you?
The way I always wish to do …

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It’s amazing……. May I know who is the inspiration? Just kidding……. It’s very nice.                                                                                                                                                                                                Shilli   11/12/05

It’s beautiful! The thought is excellent. I really liked it, very much from the heart. I can read the feelings, too. You should write more often.

Grishma  4/13/06

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