A Thing Once Loved


In tears you saw her sinking and watched her pass away,
Your heart was tormented and you wanted her to stay.
But when you saw her sleeping so peaceful free from pain,
How could you wish her back to suffer that again?
It broke your heart to loose her but she did not go alone,
For a part of you went with her.
Remembering her is easy,
Hope you do it everyday,
But there’s an ache within your heart that will never go away.
Don’t think of her as gone away,
I know it’s easy to say,
Her journey has just begun.
Life holds so many facets,
This earth is only one.
Think of her as resting from sorrows and tears,
In a place of warmth and solace,
Where there are no days and years.
Think of her as living in the hearts of those she has touched,
For a thing once loved is never lost.

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Protagonist conveys what exactly has to be conveyed in a manner which portrays pain, anguish and love all together. Sad but definite ending gives this poem an edge. In fact it’s very true – that a thing once loved is never lost. Keep writing.

Vishal   5/29/06

Very beautiful wording. Keep it up!                                                                                                                 Susant   9/29/06

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