Found You


It seems as if I’ve waited,
All my life to see your face,
I searched for you in every crowd
And now we stand in this place,
I looked for you in the sun, the moon and the stars,
And when I met you I knew you would be the one,
All my life you were living,
In my heart and in my soul,
Now fate has brought us to this place,
Together we are whole,
I never knew who you are,
But when I lock my eyes with you
I see a thousand questions,
And in the quest I knew who I was,
For every moment affected me in some sagacious way,
Now every dream you ever dreamt,
I promise will come true,
For I’ve searched and found my heart beating within you.

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Very nice……. keep it up!                                                       Ganpat   9/28/05

Beautiful…….perfectly describes what I feel for my sweetheart.

Savaira Kawish   10/28/05

Wonderful…….I have told my workmates and friends about it. Keep it up.

Benard Muhangi   12/17/05

There are certain grammatical errors. Need to take care of it, otherwise it’s a good piece of work. Good work.                                                                                                                                                                              Annie  1/11/06

She searches…… She waits….. Then she finds….. When she locks her eyes she finds thousands of questions….. Yet she promises the dreams. Nice thought indeed. I too feel the same way for my better half.

Vishal   5/29/06

That’s a good one, pops…….keep it up! I am proud to be your uncle.

Seenu    6/1/06

Great work. It is very touchy… and nicely explained.                                                                                                                                       Susant   9/28/06


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