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Forever in a Moment


When I look into your eyes and when you look back at mine,
There's no better place I'd rather be,
The moment frozen in time,
The feeling leaves no doubt in my mind,
That you're the one,
When I think back and see the memories made,
I need to see you and I do,
From our first kiss to the last,
And every second in between,
Even the thought of spending my life with you makes me LIVE.......

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I liked this one.                                                    Seenu  10/3/06

Nice one. Whos the inspiration? :)                              msr  10/3/06

Can do better!                                                     Anand  10/4/06

Slow moving time stopping saga of feelings which are frozen in moment in a sweetest way.... very romantic one.... keep writing.... its nice....

Vishal   10/5/06

Beautiful one. Keep up the good work.                                                                                                                     Susant 10/6/06


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