As You Sleep


The clock ticks gently,
I sing to you softly,
I watch as you sleep,
Watch you smile – still asleep…

You are a new born child,
With no aspect wild,
Vulnerable and innocent;
into a dreamland you have been sent

I see your face content,
I go to look at the crescent,
As I look at her from my window,
She shines back in a pretty glow.

I tell the moon to watch over you,
Every night until the morning dew,
For I will be gone someday,
But she will forever here stay.

My dreams for you to her I whisper,
I tell her for I truly trust her,
The moon I think is a Goddess,
Who will guide your life to greatness.

She knows that I yearn for your glory
and that success fills your life’s story
May you live the fortunate life I never had
I will trade my dreams to make yours glad…

And through this song I tell my sister high
as she journeys across the night sky
To grant every wish you shall ever make
even if it meant my wishes were at stake

I will not call this a sacrifice
but nay it is not a selfish vice
this is more like reflective moonshine
for in your happiness alone lies mine

One day the moon might tell me you have grown
And then I shall not linger by your side forlorn
I will go to where I belong from then on
You will have your destiny at breaking dawn

I smile to myself hearing your future voice
You will have a lover of your choice
A child so sweet and full of grace
And happy shall be your days

But now you are still asleep
For now you are mine to keep
warm and tender as you sleep
you will never hear me weep

I close the window for the dawn is near
I walk towards your bed with no fear
My heart weighs in sadness for my lost dream
For my tears wash them away in a stream….

I turn to see your face is calm
It is time for me to go along
I slip out lest I wake your slumber
I wander out as a I wonder

Will you ever know I watched you each night
As you slept, always held you within my sight
Will you someday look up and know I still watch you
Every dream of mine was always dreamt for you.

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Beautiful! Love it!!!                                                          –  Bhumika  11/27/09

Wow! What emotion in the poem 🙂                                     –  Nishanth 11/29/09

Wonderful, nicely written with emotions gushing vibrantly. Keep this going!

–  Revthee  11/30/09

Beautiful… so intense and full of pure emotions.                         – Daniel 11/30/09

After a long time, read a nice poem from old chnink alumni..           – Imay 11/30/09

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