The Quest


It has just sunk into me that we do not talk
I cannot look into your eyes for they mock
Give me a reason for my mind to stay free
Till then it is a hard heart that I see
Sometimes when I am in a half slumber
halfway between mind and heart – I linger
My mind enforces the truth behind our parting
while the heart steadily refuses to see reasoning
But what am I holding on to? Why are my hopes new?
When I know that ironically our memories are few
But some of those moments still linger within
I see no reason but madness trying to win
I am tortured to no end to understand your mind
I am dying to know why you left me behind
But someone who talks from inside my head
holds me back from questioning you instead
Let me see if my true love survives the test of time
be it minutes of silent words, be it hours of vacant passing,
be it days of empty thoughts, be it years of mindless wanderings
I will wait to see if the quest to love succeeds the language of silence
or if the sultans of ego are crowned triumphant in the end

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