Like a Drifting Seed She Floats


Like a drifting seed she floats around
around and round she floats along
along the path of life she drifts on
drifting with no real purpose born

She was born in gold, raised with care
yet always found something lack
she grew up feeling lost and lone
yearning for the one to take her home

Men did come and men did go
But none did stay after the first dawn
Her love was smothering they all said
And after the first light never saw her

Endless days and endless nights
one eating away the other
She was always with company
A real companion was what she lacked

Into the light she journeys on
As the dreadful truth beings to dawn
the world is filled with such people
who want to take and never give back

Isolation and despair rent her heart
the agony tears her soul apart
But hope clings to her mind’s corners
to search through meaningless horrors

She tries so hard as she drifts by
wondering when this endless search would end
for men will come and men will go
would anyone ever show her true love?

Alone in life, a lonely life
she searches for something to hold on
as days pass on, months slip by
Will the drifter ever find her prize?

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What a beautiful poem! Captures the true essence of a drifter…

– Arjun  9/26/08

Its beautiful 🙂 The way the poem delivers its message attracts my attention. Though I thought it would be better if it contained a deeper message…. something the reader should try to solve…you know, like a puzzle or something. But anyway, the peom’s great and nice. I like it 🙂                                                                                                                             – Shane  1/19/09

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