Black Dream in a White House


“For everyday, there are miles to walk dreams to live, kind words to say to heal aching hearts and bridges to build and rebuild.”                                                                     –  Havard Lawrence

For every journey, there are paths to tread, some with caution and some blindfolded. We have dreams we want to see the light of day. Some of us dream to be like the Obamas, the Clintons, Mandela, Bill Gates and even better, yet some with the best of ideas fail to nurture them beyond their conception.

Living in a world where dreams compete for attention and relevance, we need to know the right paths to walk that will lead to where we can groom our dreams and how best to fulfill our purpose on earth. We cannot sit and allow our dream to fight for alone, we have to believe in our dreams and stand up to be counted among champions.

Today we have a black man as the President of a nation where some decades ago, one was considered cursed for being born black. Even after the abolition of slave trade, the blacks were not considered an equal race and this brought about the birth of dreams in the hearts of men and women who rose up to the occasion to say ‘no’ to injustice and countless many lost their lives in inhumane conditions. Yet the deaths of these martyrs stirred up dreams in the hearts of others who fought for a cause they believed in, and today we see a dream alive and living in the White House. In pursuit of a dream, we have to take time out and lay solid foundations upon which our dreams can grow and to apply wisdom on what to do to make our dreams relevant to our world and also set in place modalities on how our dreams can grow and outlive us.

Martin Luther King, Jr. still roars from his grave for he lived a dream and also dreamt dreams of a world he desired for his children, one we see them live in today. From the pulpits to many-many auditoriums, he groomed his dreams. Even in the face of oppositions, he held on to the belief he had of his dreams. Even today we celebrate him, for his dreams were not just for his children alone nor for the black race but for every man and woman created by God.

You will fail your world if you choose to walk the paths of those who never allowed their dreams to live their wombs, but went along with it to the grave making, the grave richer than their world. You were created to leave your footprints on the sands of time for the world you live in and for the countless many more yet unborn. So rise up, dust that dream and may the good Lord help you.

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