I stand condemned in your eyes
but before I leave
I beseech you listen to the words
of a mere mortal.

I had dreams
that never saw the light of day
I made promises
that never came to be.

I set to build bridges
but never could a stair
The world I thought was mine
Crumbled before my eyes.

I took you for granted
and toyed with your emotions
Your love you freely gave
but I hurt your pride
and laughed at your fears.

Deeds of my folly
make my heart sick
I long to be at par with you again
though my wrong be great.

Turn away from my deceit
and let love reign again
Give me a new lease of life
and help me climb back
to the mountain we once lived.

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Beautifully expressed. Yet sometimes pleas can never be accepted …. isn’t it?

–  Revthee   3/6/06

Good work, keep it up.                                                     –  Oche Isaac   12/9/08

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