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Bleeding Heart


Through bloodshot eyes
that watched my brother
bleed to death from a gunshot
I look at you this day
Standing on this tiny and feeble limbs
That has been my only source
Of transportation for so many miles
I stand to ask these questions
Why am I called a vermin?
Why am I deprived of my entitlements?
Why do I have to eat from a trashcan?
Why should I drink from a stagnant pond?
Why should I sleep on the streets with bullets
Flying around?
Why should I be deformed by an ailment that
Could have been prevented?
Last night a drunken driver knocked down
A child my age who ought to be in bed
It could have been me I said to myself.
I live a life with no one to calm my fears
My little hands have done so much work
To survive that itís all sore
Crying rather than being tucked in
To sleep is now my daily routine
Pain I now consider my companion.
What has the future for me?
Why should I continue to live?
I look for a way to end this misery
I leave for a walk away from this world
Never to talk to anything but love
My fate I leave you to decide.

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Very touching.......                                                           -   Simone   9/30/05
Such beautiful poetry. Apt title.... bleeding heart.                                                                                                                                     -   Vijay  10/16/05

Who is the author? Is he/she a street urchin, homeless invalid or a refugee in a war-torn place? The language is surely emotional, moving....... Good piece but give us more solutions, man..... what should we all do to improve the status quo?

Ken Arinze   5/23/07

Beautiful piece of poetry and it isnít true about one land these days...but true about many places!!!                                                                                                                                                                 - Salwa Aleryani   3/22/10



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