From 35,000 Feet Above


I closed my eyes and said a prayer.
I dozed – a sudden jolt awakened me,
I looked out from the window on my left.
What did I see? – The vastness of God’s creation.
Its vastness and beauty engulfed me.
Looking upward was God’s canopy of blue.
Uninterrupted by stars, birds or planes.
Below, natures’ canvas revealed
A carpet of beautiful, thick, fluffy, white clouds,
All seem so incomprehensible.

These thick white clouds revealed their beauty,
As the warm sun shone against their picturesque forms.
Like clusters of cotton wool, they glistened in the sunshine;
Showing appearances of imaginary objects.
O what beauty – no words can describe this scene.
The stillness of the outside filled my inner being,
Convincing me of the magnitude of the Master’s handiwork.
Then some light grey clouds slowly drifting by,
Further reminded me of His greatness and power.

With my eyes still fixed on the outside,
I later beheld another breathtaking view.
It was the parting of the blue beneath to reveal,
Land masses peeping through the sea of blue below.
What am I seeing here? A chain of islands I was told.
The scene was like a light curtain being drawn,
Revealing a spectacular sight – magnificent land formations.
I admired them for a while, until they were all out of sight.

Three hours later I looked out again.
This time to a more intriguing and interesting view.
There was scenery, there was movement, and there was life.
Winding roads, tall buildings, houses, people, trees,
All recognizable but like miniatures on the earth beneath.
The vehicles also were like toy cars on a child’s racing track.
As I descended from my lofty height,
This breathtaking view became a reality.
But amid the awesomeness of it all-
The pilot landed us safely at Miami Airport.

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An excellent poem ! Next time you go traveling take me with you!

                                                                           –  Stacia Hinds 12/16/08

Like good wine, the author’s creative imagination is maturing with age, keep on keeping on.                                                                                                                                                                        – S. McD. Evelyn 12/29/08

This poem is great, the descriptions are very vivid, there is a lot of feeling in this poem. Keep it up.                                                                                                                                                                –  Iradelle Alleyne 2/21/09

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