The Big Illusion


There isn’t the slightest doubt: History is under mutation, a dramatic mutation.

This is because the previous century, though punctuated with endurance and pain, did not truly hold the promises it was bearing. The chosen guides were not the right ones? This is partly true.

The year 2007 and yet we are in a time of uncertainty and incredibleness. Nations are unexpectedly thrown in the unknown and they need a tremendous amount of courage to assume this unexpected in their life. This unexpected that suddenly breaks into their life, brings them into a world they have never imagined and which finally becomes their destiny.

More often their destiny happens to be in the hands of those who just start discovering that the future no longer belongs to them, that the values in which they believe and stick to are more than an illusion now, and the only thing that is left to them, is to disappear. For their sake, for the sake of a better world that everyone wishes to live in. But stubbornly, they keep their heads harnessed in the old days.

But in the meanwhile, we still wish a Happy New Year, though poverty, despoiling and misery still continue to push people around the world to wandering, downfall, exclusion, violence, revolt and crime; and for the weakest among them, to disenchantment, resignation or suicide.

The hungry suffering humanity cries. She cries the degradation of man and the downfall of woman caused by hunger and diseases in the digital age. But fortunately, Life’s tests, if they do not destroy the individual, forge him. And it is these people who come out of misery and suffering, tempered like steel, who create and found civilizations.

Nevertheless, hunger, more than anything else, is something inexcusable for the humankind. We should never forget the immorality of hunger. It is an immensely debasing thing.

Someone said: "When I meet a starving creature, I am tempted to pull out my sword."

Don’t you?

When hunger knocks at his door, be certain that the guy facing you has lost his humanity. Then, the only thing you deserve to be told is: Shame on you!

Please do not let a starving man, wherever he might be, self-ask this question: Is life still worth living? For we do not know what he is going to do with (his no more worth living) life?

Do you?

Hunger is the coming terror.

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