The Bulimia and the Alien


Bulimia has become one of our present civilization’s most prominent traits.

We have become bulimic almost in every aspect of our life. We just do not live our life, we devour it.

Our bulimic behavior has spread to our way of consuming television, music, sport, in fact to all spectacles and other kinds of entertainment.

More, it has jumped over to the culinary world and in many countries, people’s weight has become a state concern!

Bulimia has even caught up with sex and sex TV channels proliferate at a rate that would make jealous even mice or rabbits!

We have become a new race of addicts! And consequently, aliens to ourselves, our family, and our neighbors. Even our pets look at us with mistrust and circumspection!

Aliens since most of us have today a deformed vision of themselves and of the world surrounding them.

Bulimic as we have lost the sense of moderation.

Humanity needs another perspective from which it could see things, with no make up, just as crude as they would appear to a sober eye, the kind of eye we no longer have, we the bulimic aliens !

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